Any company dealing with food and drinks should pay attention to storage and preparation – so why would ice be any different? Ice is classed as a food substance and by having regular maintenance on your ice machine by using sanitisation ensures that the ice you serve is clear, looks good and above all is safe. 
An ice machine should be serviced on a twice yearly basis, this will ensure that any potential problems such as a part wearing out can be identified, replaced and minimises the risk of the machine breaking down. Also by looking after your machine can prolong the life of the machine thus saving you money. Properly serviced machines will also do a better job of working efficiently therefore keeping the contents at the correct and safe temperature levels. 
Blow out of contaminants from the condenser, to protect the risks of the machine overheating. 
De-scale the evaporator 
Sanitise the machine, to kill any bacteria that maybe present in the machine 
Remove any lime scale build up 
Conduct a key component inspection, which helps to minimise the risks of machine break- downs. 
Provide a written estimate (if required) of any repair work is required 
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